SMART Pest Prevention is uniquely qualified to develop and deliver termite treatment solutions that are directly responsive to your organization’s specific needs:

  • Next generation thinking.  Our technology and methods give SMART an innovative set of termite treatment that most other companies don’t have.
  • History of customer driven solutions: Our leadership has career histories focused on development of unique solutions to serve customer needs
  • Experience.  We have the only certified etymologist working in a pest control company on the Big Island.  70% of our workforce is licensed, and our technicians have an average of of 12 years in pest control.


Understand specific termite treatment issues and the perspectives of the stakeholder groups who will be impacted by the treatment.


A licensed Termite technician will identify and document areas of current termite infestations.


A custom solution proposal and fixed price offer will be developed to address the issues and constraints identified.


Upon approval, licensed, bonded and insured termite technicians will perform the services described in the treatment proposal.

Termite Treatment Warranty:

A termite treatment warrant will be developed for whatever period your organization requires.  Given the logarithmic nature of termite reproduction, the best time to treat termites is as soon as activity is identified.

SMART will develop warranty plans that are responsive to your specific needs, but periodic termite inspections are highly recommended, because they reduce our shared retreatment risks.