Smart Pest Control is uniquely qualified to develop and deliver pest control solutions that are directly responsive to your organization’s specific needs:

  • Over 70% of Smart’s employees are licensed pest control technicians, with an average of 12 years of pest control experience
  • Smart has the only certified etymologist working in a pest control company on the Big Island
  • We have the experience and techniques to provide the pest-free environment for your property.


Understand specific pest control treatment goals and the perspectives of the stakeholder groups who will be impacted by the treatment.


A licensed pest control technician will identify and document areas current termite infestations.


A custom solution proposal and fixed price offer will be developed to address the issues and constraints identified in the previous steps.


Upon approval, licensed, bonded and insured pest control technicians will perform the services described in the solution proposal.

Smart Pest Prevention will develop Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on your organization’s requirements and an the industry standard Integrated Pest Management (IPM) framework.

The on-going cost of Pest Control will be largely based on the desired level-of-service your organization requires.