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The pests we love to catch, kill, and keep out.

Rodents like the inside of your home for the same reason you do

It’s comfortable. When the dry sides of the islands get rain, we often see the rodent populations explode.

Mice most often live in walls and attics. Some rats (like black Polynesian rats) move into your attic from trees. Norway rats burrow and come in under your house, often through crawl spaces or garages.

The first line of line of defense against rodents is to install bait stations outside to keep population numbers down.

Next, exclusion is important for all rodent management programs. If they can’t get inside your home is no need for further control measures so, we seal up holes and other potential points of entry.

The third is trapping, which can be very effective means of taking care of those rodents who enter, or are living inside your home.

We’ll Take Care of Your Rodent Problems.