What is SMART Shield?

The SMART Shield system combines a non-toxic chemical barrier with an ongoing monitoring and maintenance program performed by our licensed technicians. We inject this compound into all voids in the structure such as attics, crawl spaces, and wall voids between studs.

How does SMART Shield work?

Insects that come into contact with the SMART Shield don’t survive long enough to reproduce. This protects the interior of your home. Technicians use a variety of methods such as exclusion, baiting, and trapping to protect the exterior.

Which pests does SMART Shield prevent?

All of them. SMART Shield prevents everything from termites to flies to centipedes and mice. We use a variety of best practice methods to create a pest-free environment.

Is the SMART Shield safe?

The chemical component to SMART Shield is so safe that it is actually a registered food additive. It is absolutely safe to be around kids and pets. There is no waiting time following installation.


Natural Pest Control Hawaii

Interior Pest Control

Place insect baits in cracks, cervices, plumbing entry points, and under major appliances.  Spray aerosol or liquid insecticides, on an as-needed basis, based on level of infestation.

Natural Pest Control Hawaii

Interior Termite Prevention

Drill, dust and fill wall voids with an industrial desiccant (drying agent) that is completely safe to people and pets.  Dust attics and enclosed crawl spaces with the same material.  (The material will be applied in liquid suspension for exposed crawl spaces.) 

Natural Pest Control Hawaii

Exterior Pest Control & Termite Prevention

Dust external cracks and crevices; apply environmentally responsible liquid and granular insecticides, as needed.