Our Company

SMART Pest Prevention is Hawaii’s most responsible termite and pest prevention company made up of professionals who care about taking care of our customers.
We don’t do what everyone else does—We don’t tent.
And we do what nobody else does—We kill termites and prevent their return.
We use technology in smart ways to find pests, we use nontoxic treatments whenever we can.  We use radar, audio, and thermal technologies, and use orange oil to kill them where they are.
Then our permanent, proactive SMART Shield Service prevents them from coming back, GUARANTEED.
We started here, in Hawaii, in 2013 on the idea that better service and better technology would create a better pest control company.
It’s working.
In fact, our business has grown largely on the basis of friends telling friends—we’ve found that almost half of our customers came to us as referrals from other customers.
We think we have a lot to prove. And we’d like to prove it to you.

Our History

SMART Pest Prevention was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs, Tim Watson and David Gustafson.  We built this company on the belief that a company that combines technological innovation with superior customer service could succeed on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.
It seems to be working.

Our Customers

SMART serves residential home owners and commercial businesses. Our commercial customers include: multi-family residences (HOAs), hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools, and other commercial entities. See what our customers have to say!

Customer Reviews

Our People

Our inspectors are licensed by the state of Hawaii, average 18 years of experience, are trained and equipped with the best detection devices available. They know how to find bugs and they know how to treat our customers.
Our technicians are licensed pest control professionals with an average of 12 years of experience in this field.
They are trained to think like bugs. Suicidal bugs.

We Care.

We care about your family: We use the most intelligent, least toxic, most effective methods to find and kill termites and other pests. Then we offer a sensible way to prevent them. You can live a normal life while we treat your home. You don’t have to stay at a hotel or a friend’s house.

We care about your home: We don’t tent. We use radar, audio, and video technologies to find termites and kill them where they are, not where they aren’t. So we don’t have to walk on your roof, you don’t have to move out, and your home smells like oranges, not poison.

We care about your pets: We only use poisons when we must. When we do, we make sure your pets can’t get near it—and we tell you first.

We care about your food: We use orange oil made from orange peels—a byproduct of making orange juice. So you never have to worry about double bagging your food, or packing it out when we work.

We care about your environment: We use the highest technology, least toxic methods to find, kill, and protect your home from termites and other pests, permanently.

We care about preventing pests permanently: We also offer a permanent pest Shield service that uses our proprietary technology to kill pests that get into your walls, ceilings, and under your home.

We care about your intelligence: Our professionals explain what they do in plain English, are glad to have you watch them work, and then show you what they’ve done. We do exactly what you’d do—if you were us.

We care about your mental health: You want to stop worrying about pests and get on with your life.  We can do that.  We offer a permanent pest prevention Shield that covers all pests in your home.

Our plain-English SMART Guarantee

If you are under contract with SMART and the termites come back, so will we. Period.


Tim Watson – Managing Partner

As one of the owners of SMART Pest, I’m involved in lots of things but my most important role is to build a group of great people.  They care about customers and doing their job well. I love the challenge of pest control in a place where EVERYTHING grows well. I also love the challenge of building a great company that does things differently and changes the game. I am also a part owner of SMART Logistics and SMART Construction, 2 service businesses on the Mainland.  I live in Minnesota, but I’m lucky to be in Hawaii every month and it truly feels like a part of me now. I love to ride bikes and hike with my wife and 2 young boys when I’m not working.

Christina Kawamoto-Butler – General Manager / Partner

I oversee the business operations of SMART Pest. I ensure that our team is meeting and even exceeding our customer’s expectations. Being born and raised in Kona, I instill the concept of Aloha ‘Āina in our operations by keeping our company eco-friendly. It matters to me what Hawaiʻi looks like for the next 5 generations. I enjoy spending my time with my family. You can find us either hunting on the mountain or soaking up the sun at the beach.

Gabe Hernandez, Service Manager/Partner PCO# 1550

As the Service Manager it is my duty to work with our team to locate problem areas and do whatever is necessary to take care of them. It is my goal to leave with the customer(s) feeling positive and with peace of mind. If the customer isn’t happy neither am I. I continue to do research for the pest we deal with to make sure my team is always prepared for whatever challenges we come across. I was introduced to the Pest Control industry in 2011 in Texas. I was directly trained by a Board Certified Entomologist and an Associate Certified Entomologist. Within 1 1/2 years I received my Certified Applicators license and quickly became a lead technician with the company. In 2014, my wife, Priscilla and I had the chance to come to Hawaii to start up SMART Pest (it was called Ohana Pest Control in those days). In 2017, I stepped Into the role as Service Manager and alongside my business partner we have been able to continue to grow Smart Pest Prevention into a company customers can depend on to solve their pest issues.

Leland Carlson, Inspector PCFR# 930

My name is Leland Carlson. I’ve been in the Termite & Pest industry since 2002. My primary job at SMART Pest Prevention is doing termite inspections for realtors and commercial & residential sales here on the Big Island. My hobbies outside of work are fishing and golfing.

Scott McCullough, Inspector/Technician PCFR# 986

I started in the pest control industry in 2000, as a trainer working out of corporate office for a national company.  In 2004, I moved to Hawaii where I worked for the same company in management and leading the new employee training for all of Hawaii.

In 2014 I joined Smart Pest Prevention, were I have enjoyed working in numerous positions.   While at Smart Pest Prevention, I have preformed field work functions, residential and commercial inspections, new employee training, and account management.  I enjoy the different opportunities and challenges each of my different roles at Smart Pest Prevention present to me.  I looking forward to doing all I can to meet the needs of all our customers. 

In my personal life, I have a great passion for astronomy.  I lead star gazing outreach programs, working with other astronomers, and even doing volunteer work with the professional observatories locked atop Mauna Kea, and Mauna Loa.  Additionally I am a life long baseball fan, even if my favorite team is the dreadful Pittsburgh, Pirates.


Samuel Kauhaihao, Technician PCFR#743

Over the last 30 years I have dealt with almost every creature mother nature has thrown my way. I obtained my degree from Marymount Palos Verdes, CA in the late 80ʻs. Then I returned home to finish my degree at the University of Chaminade. Upon graduating I started in the Pest industry acquiring my Commercial Applicators and Field Representative License. I have been lucky enough to meet many amazing people and created long-lasting friendships in this industry.


Michael Regohos – Technician PCFR# 1490

I have been in the pest control industry since 2005. I worked as a fumigator, pest technician, manager, and a salesman. I’ve been working with XT2000 orange oil since it was first introduced in Hawaii. My days off are spent hanging out with family and friends, shooting archery, fishing and playing golf.


Donell Watson – Customer Service

I started working at SMART in early 2016 as their Customer Service specialist. I have been in the Customer service industry for since 2006 and enjoy working with people everyday. My goal here is to make sure every customer receives exceptional customer service. Here at SMART we are a team that works together and I am very excited to be a part of a great company. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.